Wine Glass Production Process

- Jan 16, 2018-

The difference between blown by a hand-blown machine:

Difference in appearance:

Mechanism Products - The basic products that are seen on the market are simple, simple shapes, fewer styles, bulky products, poor streamline of products, stiff transition from cup to bottom, but consistency of product size specifications Better, no bubbles and water ripples, poor firmness.

Artificial blown products - Ming materials products supplemented by a variety of decorative, shape changes, rich colors and styles, lighter products, the product flow linearity, showing a clear beauty, the product itself designed to keep up with the fashion market consumption, Can give consumers more choices, to maximize the personalized consumer advocates, with bubbles and water ripples, good solidity. Hand-made, there will be a small number of stripes and a small number of bubbles and chemical materials, black and white points and decorative nuances, the existence of bubbles and stripes is also one of the important differences between artificial and mechanical glass process, but also collectors to identify whether there is a strong evidence of collectible value.

Production process difference:

Machinery Products - Machinery production line, the higher yield, usually a medium production line can reach tens of thousands of daily output or even tens of thousands, but without any artificial content.

Artifacts - Each production step of each product is done by hand and the yield is low, usually a few hundred per day, but each product contains a unique skill and refinement Carve crafted achievements.

Value difference:

Mechanical products - lower value, more to meet consumer use features, the lack of ornamental.

Artificial blowing products - high value, in addition to have the basic use of functions, in the process of using, adding a lot of pride, elegant, special taste of life.

Market differences:

Mechanism products - mainly for the guest groups of consumer occasions, low prices.

Artificial blowing products - mainly for home consumption occasions, in particular, is widely sought after personalized consumer, fashion consumer groups are keen.