Wine Glass How To Get It

- Sep 04, 2017-

Drink red wine and other wine is not the same, wine glass pay attention to a style, such as the most simple question, how to take a red glass you know?

In fact, the answer is very simple: you happy like! Looks like it is ridicule, but that is the case, drink Well, pay attention to is happy, who said to drink red wine must be suits leather collar, the whole so many bars of the boring.

Wine glasses are generally composed of coasters, wine glass cups and cups. The coaster is used to support the glass, the cup is used to hold the glass.

As the wine is extremely sensitive to the temperature, wine glass so hold the goblet cup stalk can avoid the temperature affect the wine temperature, thereby affecting the taste of wine.

Compared to the approachable beer, heaven-sent wine is more like an elegant soul, with it all must be educated: the temperature of the wine to be stable, wine glass placed appropriate posture, sober time to be accurate ... ...

There are glasses, red wine into your body before the final residence. It is tongue and red wine spirit media, affecting you and red wine every close contact. The value of a good glass, no less than a bottle of good wine, it's also pay attention to a lot.

The color of the wine is also part of the wine tasting. The color of the wine reflects the quality of the wine to a certain extent: the type of grapes chosen for brewing, wine glass wine glass the year of wine, and other similar information. A good wine to be with the glass must also be no flaws and perfect.

The glass should be able to hold a sufficient amount of wine, in ensuring the premise of the case there should be enough room for the glass, allowing you to gently shake the glass when the wine will not spill out. This action can shake the flavor of the wine, so this action is also essential for wine tasting.

Choose the cup to see the whole cup of crystal clear, but also depends on the cup feet to pick up comfortable, not the top-heavy or head light heavy. Followed by the echo is long, crisp, belly bigger cup reflects the longer echo, small volume is more crisp sound Fast pull the cup, a crisp sound, wine glass or wet your fingers, along the cup along the rotation, buzzing resonance, these two methods can be simple and effective test of the cup of crystal content and process quality, the glass is not Will make such a voice

A good cup is very slim and needs to be washed with steam and a special washing solution. wine glass The wash cloth that touches the cup must be slim, not crude, and should not be mixed with other cloth. Keep the glass in a clean and tidy place, not too closed, there is a certain degree of ventilation, or have stored odor.

Red cups regardless of cup type can be divided into cup body, cup feet and cup bottom. Holding a glass when the cup is basically not a mistake, the hand should try to bias the bottom of the cup do not touch the cup body.

The principle is easy to understand: white wine and champagne suitable drinking temperature is 8 ℃ -11 ℃, red wine drinking temperature to 20 ℃ best, the worst case is room temperature. While the human body temperature is 36 ° C to 37 ° C. So if the wrong holding the top of the glass, wine glass the wine will be affected by the temperature, wine glass which led to the quality of wine. At the same time, wine glass if the fingers hit the cup body, stay in the top of the fingerprint will appear dirty, but also affect the watch wine color.