White Wine Glass Taste Will Be More Sweet

- Sep 04, 2017-

Good wine and the need to breathe in the air slowly wake up, white wine glass the cup there is a big advantage: that is, you can rotate the glass, so that wine has more space movement; white wine glass smaller than the red wine glass, because the aroma of fine White wines need a cup of wine to "collect" wine.

White wines do not need to be oxidized like red wine, because white wine does not have tannins in red wine, so the taste of white wine will become more sweet and lighter. This flavor is best to enjoy after the cooling, 7 degrees Celsius temperature is just right. white wine glass The lower temperature will reduce the aroma of the wine and the richness of the taste, so the cup of white wine will be smaller and narrower to reduce the degree of contact with the air. Due to ensure that the white wine of the iced temperature, so the glass will need a higher thick cup Bing, to facilitate the tasting of holding.

In a study published in 2015, the researchers recruited two patients with type 2 diabetes, who underwent a moderate Mediterranean diet to drink red wine or white wine for dinner. The results show that drinking red wine in patients with heart and metabolism has been greatly improved, white wine glass the effectiveness of drinking white wine is not lost in red wine.

Another study tracked 146 experimental volunteers, half of the volunteers drank red wine and the other half volunteered to drink white wine. Researchers found that both the red wine and the white wine, who insisted on drinking twice a week, volunteers, the body's cholesterol levels have improved significantly.

University of Buffalo (University of Buffalo) study shows that drinking white wine than red wine is more conducive to maintaining lung health. Researchers speculate that white wines may be rich in antioxidants and compete with free radicals. The real principle remains to be studied.

Most varieties of white wine contain slightly higher sugar content than red wine, so when drinking white wine, remember not to cheat Oh. Wine is good for the health of the premise is the amount of alcohol.

 Westerners love to drink red wine, white wine glass but the red wine is divided into red wine and white wine and champagne, and drink different wine is a different cup, today to say is the white wine glass.

The function of the glass is to keep the aroma of wine, so that wine can be rotated in the cup and fully integrated with the air. Standard cup type for the big mouth of the big cup, the so-called tulip cup, so it is conducive to the aroma gathered above the cup. High reason is that you can hold the cup for hand, so that hands touch the cup and affect the wine temperature. Ancient poem: "grape wine night light cup, want to drink pipa immediately reminder."

White wine cup cup at the bottom of a handle, upper body more red wine glass slender, larger curvature, but the overall height than the red wine glass short. Mainly used to contain white wine. White wine cups, Burgundy white wine cups than the red wine with a slightly larger, white wine glass full of full type.

Sheng white wine wine cup, cup feet shorter, cup body hypertrophy, you can use the index finger and middle finger grip cup angle, drink close cup body, hand temperature helps the wine to release its fragrance. As the white wine of the appropriate drink temperature at 12-18 °, white wine glass so the glass of the law should pay special attention to do not touch the cup belly, and more attention to the professional rule is to hold the glass base by hand, to avoid wiping too fast.