Types Of Champagne Glass

- Mar 12, 2018-

There are three types of champagne glasses

Flute-shaped, tulip flower-shaped and shallow saucer champagne (also known as champagne dish), three types.

Flute cup: called champagne flute, slender body. The flute-shaped cup body can make the bubbles of wine not easily scattered, making the champagne more delicious.

Tulip flower shape: Because champagne itself is a white wine, the difference is foaming, so the use of wine glass wine cup type wine glass, just more than the whole wine cup tends to streamlined, cup slender, shaped like a tulip Flowers, cup mouth is small and cup belly big. It can hold the aroma of wine and is generally used to drink Champagne produced in Champagne region of France and sparkling wine produced in other countries and regions. Can drink slowly, and can fully appreciate the brew in the cup of fun.

Shallow glass of champagne (cocktail glass): A specially shaped goblet that can be used in weddings and other festive celebrations.

The establishment of the Champagne Spring is used when guests drink Champagne and can also be used for other occasions, such as drinking in the bar, drinking cocktails and eating western snacks.

Shallow glass Champagne glasses are divided into two shapes, European style and North American style, both of which can be used for cocktail drinking, and can also be used as a container for snacks. The difference between the two is that the European-style cup body is round and soft; the North American-style cup body is triangular and the lines are straight and stiff. This shallow dish champagne glass has another name called a cocktail glass.