The Use Of Pet Bottle

- May 02, 2018-

Due to its non-toxicity and good airtightness, PET bottle will not produce floc, and it will be economically used as a secondary material after being recycled. Because its use is becoming increasingly widespread, secondary materials are supplied both at home and abroad, and also exported to mainland China. Used as a non-woven fabric, zipper, filler, etc.

For example: After the bottle is broken into pieces, after the pumping, weaving procedures, can be made of "environmental protection", with wear, moisture absorption, good permeability, can be used as shoes, shoes, hiking shoes, travel bags ... .And so on, in addition, generally in the home or school, you can use recycled bottles, creative ideas, design a variety of works to come, there are: savings, pots, pen holders, candlesticks, kettles, water rockets , photo frames, children's play, cup holders, observation boxes, letter holders, watering devices, environmental protection trees, seismographs, aquariums, lanterns, musical instruments, biscuit models, wind chimes, filters, etc.