The Production Of PET Bottles

- May 03, 2018-

Baote bottles are made of polyethylene terephthalate, commonly known as PET. Whenever we pick up resource recycling products, we always use PET bottles as the main product, and other recycling products are supplemented, because Bao The best bottle recycling price, but the material is easily confused with the PVC material. Its characteristics are as follows: PET is transparent, tough, and has a barrier property to carbon dioxide. It is often used for the packaging of carbonated beverages. The simplest method of identification is colorless, transparent, and can be light green, light blue, or brown. There is a circle at the bottom of the round bottle, and the bottle body is seamless.

The round bottom of the PVC round bottle is in a straight line, and white marks appear when it is bent. After a long period of exposure to sunlight, it will turn into iron-red. When it burns its edge with a fire, it will have a blue flame, and it will be poorly burned.

Although the PET bottle is light and durable, it is praiseworthy. However, its unnatural decomposition makes long-term use cause problems such as clogged drain outlets and a large amount of waste accumulation. Therefore, the government announced in November 1988 that waste recycling was mandatory. Authorizing the EPA to implement mandatory recycling of wastes for specific projects, the Environmental Protection Agency announced in June 1988 that it was to increase the efficiency of recycling bottles, and to implement treatment methods for recycling waste bottles.