The Maintain Of Glass Bottle

- Feb 08, 2018-

Although the transparent glass looks good, but not easy to save, must be carefully placed. In fact, in all the material cups, the glass is the most healthy. Because glasses contain no organic chemicals, people do not have to worry about getting harmful chemicals into their stomachs when drinking water or other drinks, and the glass is smooth and easy to clean, so people drink in glasses Water is the healthiest and safest.

The glass cup should be cleaned as soon as it runs out. If it is too troublesome, it should be cleaned at least once a day. You can wash it before going to sleep at night and then dry it. Cleaning the cup, not only to clean the cup, cup bottom and cup wall should not be ignored, especially the bottom of the cup, usually not often cleaned, may precipitate a lot of bacteria and dirt. Professor Cai Chun reminds female friends that lipstick not only contains chemical components, but also easily adsorbs harmful substances and pathogens in the air. When drinking water, harmful substances are brought into the body. Therefore, lipstick remaining on the cup mouth must be clean. When washing the cup with water simple washing is not enough, it is best to use a brush to brush. In addition, because the detergent is an important component of chemical synthesis agent, the use should be careful, pay attention to rinse with water. To clean the cup with a lot of greasy, dirt or tea stains, squeeze toothpaste on the brush and brush back and forth in the cup. Due to the existing detergent in toothpaste, but also a very fine abrasive, it is easy to wipe the residual material without damaging the cup.