The Knowledge Of Wine Glass

- Feb 13, 2018-

Wine glass, used to drink alcohol. Most basic models are straight mouth or open mouth diameter and cup height almost equal. As China's wine glass (wine) industry demand continues to expand the market and export growth, the operation of China's wine glass (wine) industry will usher in a new opportunity for development.

Different shapes, radian glass for the liquor aroma and taste caused by the differences and the impact of great, it is amazing.

In general, grape varieties and wine, different producing areas, aroma, fruity, acidity, tannin and alcohol are also different from each other. Although the glass does not change the essence of the wine, the shape of the glass can determine the flow, smell, quality and strength of the wine, which in turn affects the wine's flavor, taste, balance and aftertaste.

Therefore, through the guidance of the shape of the cup body, the wine can flow into the proper taste area of the tongue (the tongue has four different taste areas, the tongue is the most sensitive to the sweetness, the tongue is the most sensitive to the bitterness, while the inner side and the outer side of the tongue are respectively The most sensitive to acid, salty), and then determine the final presentation of the wine's structure and flavor.