The Knowledge Of Spirit Glass Bottle

- Apr 02, 2018-

Wine bottles are containers used to hold wine.

Historically, wine bottles were presented to the world in a simple style of "soy sauce bottle type", glass material, less information, and less decoration. In the earlier period, Chinese glass production technology was lagging behind, glass bottles were basically imported, and they were "imported goods." Therefore, early glass bottles were commonly called "yangzizi". It is now the common saying that still says a bottle of wine as an ocean wine.

Since the reform and opening up, the bottle that people once dismissed has risen to the spot and has been seen by others. More and more colorful bottles, there have been flowers blooming scene of prosperity, there are glass bottles, plastic bottles, ceramic bottles, etc., and ceramic bottles as the most popular. As a cultural landscape, it has become an important part of the wine culture. If we say that the traditional folk bottle in the past paid more attention to daily use and practicality, then the modern bottle added artistic, ideological and scientific. Modern wine bottles have a rich connotation, which is beyond the concept of only wine containers, and has suddenly become a unique carrier for packaging art and elegant culture.