The Kinds Of The Red Wine Cup

- Jan 25, 2018-

Professional cup to drink wine ,one is Bordeaux Cup another is Burgundy Cup , Burgundy cup body more round and shallow, nearly spherical; while the Bordeaux Cup is relatively deep. The two cups named after the vineyards can indeed be tailored to suit the grape varieties from different regions - the Bordeaux Cup is suitable for drinking grape varieties from the Bordeaux region, whether it is rich and heavy Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot with supple tannins and lower acidity performs well, while the Burgundy Cup performs better when it comes to Pinot Noir with higher acidity in the Burgundy estate.
One of the long-time tasks for wineglass makers is to experiment with finding the perfect shape for each wine that best suits its needs. Wine glass does not have any effect on the wine itself, but the shape of the glass determines the direction, strength and entrance of the wine, thus affecting the aroma, taste, balance, aftertaste and so on.
Mug filled with wine cups open, varying degrees of contraction of the cup mouth, the purpose is to retain the aroma of wine in the cup, wine nose buried in the cup mouth, you can smell overflowing in the entire small space full of wine. The influence of different cups on the aroma and taste of the wine is obvious. Even those who have just started to drink can understand it, but to get the difference in flavor, they need more practice.
In the traditional concept, cup robust big cup used to hold red wine, looks more elegant and delicate slender cup used to hold white wine. In fact, the problem is not - the light wine actually favors smaller cups, while the rich type of wine is suitable for packaging in a long and wide cup, which can be chosen according to the quality and year of the wine. The purpose is to make People better appreciate the wine in the glass.