The Instructions Of Wine Glass

- Apr 21, 2018-


Drinking beer with a straight glass and drinking wine with a goblet.

The red and white wines are slightly different, but the wine glasses are slightly different but all require a fine goblet. Why this is so, in order to avoid direct contact with the cup when drinking, because the best drinking temperature of the wine is around 18 degrees Celsius, in which the red wine is high and the liquor is low. If the palm of the hand cups the glass, it can be Kill the scenery. There is a general rule about the use of wine glasses, that is, whether drinking red wine or white wine, glass must use a transparent goblet. Since the color of wine is just as much a part of wine tasting as drinking and smelling wine, it has always been an important criterion for judging the quality of wine. The use of colored glass will affect the judgment of the color of the wine itself. The purpose of using a goblet is to hold your hand, avoiding direct contact with the cup and affecting the temperature of the wine. Hold the cup neck with your thumb, forefinger, and middle finger and do not hold the cup. This way, you can fully appreciate the color of the wine. The heat emitted from the palm of your hand will not affect the optimal drinking temperature of the wine.

(1) Sandwich the goblet in the middle of the index finger and middle finger. The other fingers naturally bend inward. The thumb can also gently protect the three-quarters of the cup. This method is more gentleman.

(2) Normally hold three-quarters of the cup with your thumb and forefinger and place your mouth against the cup and pillar. This method is more general.

(3) Holding half or less of the stem of the goblet, other fingers are naturally lightly held. This method is more charming and suitable for ladies.