The Influence Of High Borosilicate Glass

- Apr 20, 2018-

The amount of tin in the surface of the floated high borosilicate glass and the state of tin penetration and the depth of tin penetration have a great influence on the quality of the float glass and the deep processing of the glass. The tin penetration of the glass seriously affects the deep processing of the glass.

Comparing high-borosilicate glass with soda-lime-silica glass, if the temperature at the front of the tin bath increases by about 300°C, the vapor pressure of tin increases by 142 times. In this way, in the production of borosilicate glass in the float process, the glass liquid appears to be in the tin vapor bath, and since the temperature for producing the high borosilicate glass is increased by several hundred angstroms, the activity of the tin ions is greatly enhanced and the tin ions penetrate into the glass cathode. The ability of the surface is greatly enhanced, the possibility of increasing the amount of tin penetration is greatly increased, and the effect of the tin penetration on the change of the surface properties of the glass is greater. This is one of the problems that need to be solved in the float glass process.