The Different Between Lead-free Crystal Glass And Ordinary Glass

- Mar 31, 2018-

The first step: look at the color - lead-free crystal glass has a better refractive, brighter color; and general crystal glass is poor feel, dark color, poor refractive index, and even some places there are bubbles.

Step 2: Lightweight - Lead-free crystal glass is slightly lighter than leaded crystal glass.

Step 3: Listen to the sound—The sound produced by the leaded crystal glass is boring, while the unleaded glass has a crisp metal sound that is clear and distant.

Step 4: Look at the content - Crystal glass is 100% lead-free, enamel, health and environmental protection, mostly high-end crafts, and in the packaging on the logo; and people's lives are mostly used in lead crystal glass, Its lead oxide content up to 24%, long-term use is not conducive to good health.

Step 5: See Resilience - Lead-free crystal glasses are more resilient than leaded crystal glasses and have strong impact resistance.