The Cycle Of Glass Bottle

- Mar 25, 2018-

Glass bottles recovered in China are often classified and separated incompletely, often with many impurities and poor cleanliness. In this situation, if you want to increase the use of secondary materials, it will significantly affect product quality. Therefore, if China can, like other countries, set up different separation separation cartridges at the front end of glass bottles recycling, consumers at the same time can actually remove the residues and impurities and clean them, especially if they are like ceramics. The debris that cannot be removed by the processing equipment, such as shards, makes the processing labor-intensive, increases processing costs, and is difficult to remove completely. With regard to the difficulty of manual color separation of glass bottles, which are heavier and have cuts, plans have created color separation recycling drums that are widely installed in public places. At that time, the rate levied on operators was only 3 cents per kilogram, which was borne by glass container manufacturers and glass container manufacturers by 1.5 cents each. It is now a single glass container user who pays more than one rate. Advanced countries such as Europe, America and Japan already have strict conditions for restricting the use of heavily polluted and unrenewable packaging materials. At present, there are too many kinds of packaging materials in China, making it difficult to achieve the so-called economic scale in recycling and processing. Therefore, it is recommended that administrative measures should be used to increase segmentation and actively encourage materials that are easy to recycle and use, so as to gradually reduce the use of packaging materials.