The Collection Of Craft Bottles

- Apr 06, 2018-

The appearance of the glass bottle allows others to appreciate the artistic value of Chinese wine culture. In these glasses, landscapes, figures, animals, calligraphy arts and other patterns are recorded on the history, allusions, places of origin and other information, in addition to blue and white flowers, pastels, enamel, Dou Cai, enamel and multicolored ceramic art all-inclusive It can be regarded as an "antique society" in modern collections.

The collection of craft bottles needs to pay attention to the following aspects:

1. Whether the craft bottle is complete: The complete glass craft bottle includes the bottle body, bottle cap and bottle label. Some wineries use a one-time security cover. After the bottle cap is opened, it is discarded due to its destruction. The collector opens the bottle cap. After the bottle caps and connectors are closed.

2. The phase of the glass bottle: Some ceramic bottles will have serious defects if they have small defects due to minor collisions. Therefore, try to ensure the appearance of the bottle, and take it gently.

3. The identity of the glass craft bottle: The difference is whether a container is a craft bottle, the only mark should be the wine label, so the collector must not damage the label attached to the bottle body, after all, it proves that the container is Craft bottle identity card.