Recycling Methods

- Feb 27, 2018-

Glass is characterized by 100% recyclable, both for the original purpose, but also can be transformed by processing. However, without recycling, not only increase the burden of burial work, can not be biodegradable; such as access to incinerator processing, but also may result in damage to the furnace. Therefore, the recycling of glass bottles is particularly important.

Due to its high barrier properties and high transparency, glass bottles are widely used as packaging containers for beer, beverages, condiments and cosmetics. The market for these glass bottles is a special market where old and new bottles coexist, mostly in old bottles. Recycling of glass bottles has created the following social benefits: saving energy, reducing landfill of glass waste, reducing the opening of glass raw material mines, and reducing emissions from glass smelting. At present, the recycling of glass bottles include: prototype reuse, recycling, recycling and use of four kinds of raw materials.