PET Bottle Processing Method

- May 04, 2018-

The process for the processing of PET bottles through the recycling company is as follows: The recycling company has contracted several professional recycling companies in the province and contracted the recycling of PET bottles in the designated areas. These regional companies pass through schools, restaurants, playgrounds, and retailers. , waste dumps, etc., etc., purchased waste bottles, compressed them into bottles of about 35kg each, and shipped them to the recycling company.

Recycling company's waste bottle processing process is separated by a base, and then detected by metal detection, can be crushed operation, as graded packaging can be shipped.

To beautify the earth and promote environmental protection, as long as they hold a caring heart, take action, invite like-minded friends, reduce garbage, recycle items, recycle and regenerate environmental living habits, and uphold the following three principles:

Reduce waste ~ Meet the environmental trend of the world

Decadent ~ Improve recycling efficiency

Reduce costs ~ reduce industrial production costs

Efforts have been made for future generations to leave a pure land.