Medicinal Glass Bottle

- Mar 22, 2018-

Medicinal glass bottles are packaging materials that directly contact pharmaceuticals. They have a large proportion in the field of pharmaceutical packaging materials and have irreplaceable performance and advantages. Their standards have a crucial influence on the quality of pharmaceutical packaging and the development of the industry.

Characteristics of the standard for medicinal glass bottles The standard for medicinal glass bottles is an important branch of the standard system for pharmaceutical packaging materials. As the medicinal glass bottles are to be in direct contact with the drugs, some will have to be stored for a longer period of time. The quality of the medicinal glass bottles is directly related to the quality of the medicines and concerns the health and safety of the person. Therefore, the medicinal glass bottle standard has special and strict requirements, summed up in the following characteristics:

It is more systematic and comprehensive, which enhances the selectivity of product standards and overcomes the lag in standards for products.

The same product determined by the new standard establishes different standards based on different materials, which greatly expands the scope of standard coverage, and enhances the suitability and selectivity of various new drug special drugs for different glass materials and different performance products. Standards in general product standards are relatively lagging behind product development.