Matte Loss Treatment Of Glassware

- Mar 28, 2018-

Matte loss treatment: commonly used sand blasting, acid etching and glazing. Sand blasting is the simplest method. It uses high-speed air to blast quartz sand or corundum to impact the surface of the glass. The parts that do not need rough surface treatment are covered with rubber, aluminum or iron. Acid etching method is to use hydrofluoric acid, hydrochloric acid and ammonium fluoride and other liquid soaking or paste with a paste, a few minutes after the glass surface corrosion loss of light, get a very fine loss of glass surface. The areas that do not require rough surface treatment can be coated with paraffin wax or resin. Glazing method is simple and widely used. It is a specially designed glaze and oil mix, applied to the surface of the glass need to be roughened, heated to the glaze melting solid. The glaze can be colorless, it can also add inorganic pigments and various colors, respectively, to obtain glazed hair surface and color effects.