High-tech Glass

- Jan 18, 2018-

High-tech magnetic levitation technology to home appliances, but also introduced a lot of products, such as television, interesting ornaments and so on. Recently, the company put practicality and fun together, introduced a cup will be suspended in mid-air "Levitating Cup."

Levitating Cup is a special structure of the glass, in addition to being suspended in mid-air, not afraid of dumping. Its distance from the platform to put a few cups inside, mysterious place in the bottom of the cup magnet. However, the bottom of the cup magnet alone does not make the cup does not fall down smoothly, the manufacturer spent a lot of effort on the cup mat.

Levitating Cup manufacturers to provide four kinds of styles, namely Cocktail Cup Cocktail Cup, Beer Cup Beer Cup, Coffee Cup coffee cup and Dessert Cup dessert cups.

At present, the floating glass is priced at 49.99 US dollars (about 326 yuan) each, while the special pad has a built-in battery wireless style and two types of power-wire connection, the former is 149.99 US dollars (about 978 yuan) And $ 129.99 (about 849 yuan)