Glassware Forming

- Feb 06, 2018-


The glass composition with the powder and clinker into the crucible kiln or pool kiln (see glass melting furnace) melting, melting, clarified into a uniform bubble-free, non-stone, streak-free glass of liquid, and then cooled to adapt to the corresponding Molding methods require the viscosity range, a variety of molding operations.

Folding blow molding

Artificial and mechanical blow molding two ways. Artificial molding, the hand-held blowing tube from the crucible or tank kiln mouth at the pick material, iron mold or wood mold blow. Smooth round products with blowing method; surface convex pattern or irregular shape of the product with a static blow method. First pick no color material blown into small bubbles, and then use the vesicles to pick the color material or emulsion material blown into a shape known as nest blown. With the color fusible particles stained in the opaque sets of materials, the natural melt flow of color, can be blown into a natural beauty of the vessel; in the color material stained band emulsion material, can be blown into a drawing utensils. Mechanical molding is used to blow large quantities of products. Blown machine automatically after the iron mold into the blower shape, remove the cap after hatch that is into the vessel. You can also use pressure - blow molding, the first red material into small bubbles (prototype), and then continue to blow into the shape. It is more efficient and better quality than simply blowing machine.

Folding molding

Artificial molding, artificial pick cut into the iron mold, driven punch, pressed into shape, solidification stereotypes after the release. Mechanical molding automation production, bulk, high efficiency. Forming can be used to exit the mouth of the mouth big out small shaped products, such as cups, plates, ashtrays and so on.

Folding centrifugal molding

Material in the rotation of the mold, due to the centrifugal force generated by rotation so that the glass unfold and close to the mold, solidification stereotypes and remove. Suitable for forming large glassware with uniform wall.

Free-form folding

Also known as moldless molding. With manual picks in the kiln before repeated baking modification or thermal bonding. As not in contact with the mold, the glass surface bright, smooth shape of the product line. Products, also known as kiln glass products.