Glass Storage Jar The Selected Raw Materials

- Sep 04, 2017-

FRP water treatment tanks for raw materials including glass fiber, Glass Storage Jar glass felt, matrix resin and accessories. The tank generally consists of an inner liner, a wrapping layer and an outer protective layer. In the lining layer selection, in order to avoid the lining layer of glass fiber and resin due to the difference in elastic modulus caused by the concentration of the concentration. Glass Storage Jar The matrix material should be made of resin with good toughness, high elongation, low curing shrinkage and good corrosion resistance. The reinforcing material should be made with good wettability with the resin, the strain concentration coefficient after resin curing, and the higher resin content Discontinuous chopped fibrous products, usually 45g / m2 surface felt and 450g / m2 chopped strand mat and general specifications of the glass cloth. Glass Storage Jar In the winding layer selection, a reasonable choice of resin curing system, the system, the catalyst and the initiator has a suitable between, with the ambient temperature, the size of the tank to change the proportion of the relationship. In general, their proportion in the resin to be controlled below 4%, the resin curing system design needs to be based on sample test; reinforced materials should be used with the resin has a good infiltration of the twist continuous fiber roving. In the production of unsaturated polyester resin commonly used, 2400TEX alkali-free yarn, non-alkali FRP surface felt 45g / m2, and curing agent and accelerator.

1, the lining of the system: lining both skeleton and airtight effect, is part of the finished product. Design lining should pay attention to have sufficient strength and stiffness. Glass Storage Jar The thickness of the inner liner is greater than 3 mm, the resin content is more than 90%, and the resin and the glass fiber are sprayed and molded with good corrosion resistance. The production process generally as follows: tank mold → mechanical spray gun injection molding thunder and cylinder → after the mold release. Glass Storage Jar For the lining of the molding, the use of two-stage that is sealed with the simplified and two-head connection.

2, the tank molding: In order to increase the strength and stiffness of the tank and improve the surface performance of the tank, must be qualified in the lining of the surface of the longitudinal ring to the fiber. The thickness of the winding layer is determined by the diameter, Glass Storage Jar pressure and safety factor, based on the internal pressure design. Using a computer-controlled winding machine to be wound and wound

3, the assembly nozzle. According to the drawing line positioning, hole installation nozzle.

4, the outer protective layer. Glass Storage Jar After the overall production (including the installation of accessories), spray protective layer, anti-aging gel coat resin add UV absorbers, toughening agent.

5, check, test the water, test pressure.