Glass Storage Container Cleaning Method

- Sep 04, 2017-

According to the nature of the container dirt, directly with concentrated sulfuric acid (HCl) or concentrated sulfuric acid (H2SO4), concentrated nitric acid (HNO3) soaking or dredging utensils (temperature should not be too high, otherwise concentrated acid volatile stimulation). glass storage container Soda lotion is more than 10% concentrated caustic soda (NaOH), potassium hydroxide (KOH) or sodium carbonate (Na2CO3) liquid soaking or dredging utensils (can boil). Organic solvents

Containers with fatty contaminants can be scrubbed or soaked with organic solvents such as gasoline, toluene, xylene, acetone, alcohol, chloroform, ether and other organic solvents. glass storage container But with organic solvents as a lot of waste liquid waste, brush can be used to wash large pieces of equipment as much as possible alkaline washing solution. Only use the brush can not use the small pieces or special shape of the instrument to use organic solvent washing, such as the piston hole, pipette tip, burette tip, burette piston hole, dropper, vial and so on.

(1) wash the instrument, you should first wash your hands, glass storage container so that the hands of the oil attached to the instrument, increase the difficulty of washing;

(2) the general glass equipment, such as beakers, flasks, cones, tube and measuring tube, you can brush from the outside to the inside with water scrub, so you can wash away the water soluble substances, some insoluble substances and dust; Oil and other organic matter, can be used in a certain concentration of detergent solution soak for a certain period of time, then dipped in detergent with a brush scrub, glass storage container and then rinse with tap water, and finally wash the inner wall with purified water 2 to 3 times. Wash the glass inside the instrument should be able to evenly wet the water and no water stripes, and do not hang the water. Often use the grinding of the glass equipment, washing should pay attention to protect the grinding mouth;

(3) Sand core glass filter should be cleaned immediately after use. glass storage container For the different precipitates remaining in the filter core, the appropriate precipitate is used to dissolve the solid precipitated on the surface of the sand core and then use the decontamination method to remove the detergent The remnants of the remnants of the sand core all washed away, and then rinse with distilled water;

(4) used to prepare, in full bloom with high concentration of wear-resistant glass equipment, such as volumetric flask, color tube, burette, etc., should be promptly after the solution, glass storage container discarded or put into the reagent bottle Storage, and timely cleaning, to prevent the solute precipitation, plug the grinding plug, damage the glass equipment.

Cleaning method: usually dichromate lotion into or into the container soak 2-24h, the container of the lotion into the storage bottle in the spare, glass storage container and then rinse with tap water and rinse with deionized water. Wash the glass inside the instrument should be able to evenly wet the water and no water stripes, and do not hang the water. For long-term and new purchase of glass equipment, should first use water scrub, wash away the water soluble substances, some insoluble substances and dust, glass storage container dry, and then washed with potassium dichromate lotion.

※ Note: In the use of potassium dichromate lotion, we must pay attention to not be able to splash on the body, to prevent "burning" broken clothes and damage the skin. When the lotion is poured into the instrument to be washed, the instrument should be soaked in the peripheral wall for a while and then back to the lotion bottle. The first time with a small amount of water to just wash the equipment, glass storage container the waste water should not fall in the pool and the sewer, the long-term will corrode the pool and sewer, should fall in the waste cylinder, the tank after pouring in the garbage. If there is no waste cylinder, pour into the pool, to edge with a lot of water rinse.

White stains on the glass, glass storage container is the long-term storage of alkali and alkali corrosion formed; glass adsorption of brown brown rust spots can be washed with hydrochloric acid solution; electrolysis lead acetate generated when the turbidity, acetic acid can be washed; brown two Manganese oxide spots can be ferrous sulfate, glass storage container hydrochloric acid or oxalic acid solution; glass stains on the ink can be washed with soda or sodium hydroxide solution.