Glass Plate Function Attribute

- Sep 04, 2017-

First of all, we buy a glass plate first to know how to identify, so that it will not be unhealthy businessmen pit IQ!

Tempered glass is certainly a kind of tempered glass. Glass Plate We have a basic knowledge of tempered glass, tempered glass in the broken after it is not sharp sharp corners. But would like to use this way to identify almost impossible, bought a plate to fall just to identify the plate is a fool. Then we will from the FRP fruit plate production to find a breakthrough, and tempered glass is also processed by ordinary glass.

First, the annealed glass is cut to the desired size,Glass Plate and then the glass is heated to the softening point, and when the glass reaches the softening point, the glass is quickly and uniformly cooled. Therefore, from the production method point of view of glass and ordinary glass should be the difference between the difference in thermal stress. For this difference, people can use polarized light to see colored stripes at the edge of the glass, and from the glass surface to observe, it is possible to observe whether there is no black and white spots to distinguish between the tempered glass.

Now there is a kind of glass market called heat-resistant glass, Glass Plate although it is also added a new functional properties for the glass, but people will be confused with heat-resistant glass and tempered glass, then how to distinguish between these two glasses? Very simple way to distinguish: compared to tempered glass, Glass Plate heat-resistant glass is generally relatively thick, so that you should be very clear it

⒈ strength to improve: After the steel tempered mechanical strength, Glass Plate impact resistance, bending strength can reach 4-5 times the ordinary glass.

⒉ increased thermal stability: tempered glass can withstand a huge temperature difference without damage, resistance to change the temperature difference is equal to the ordinary thickness of ordinary float glass 3 times.

⒊ improve the safety: tempered glass by the strong damage, Glass Plate the rapid emergence of small obtuse angle particles, so as to maximize the safety of people. Applications: furniture, electrical and electronic industry, construction, decoration industry, baths, cars, escalators, Glass Plate and other special needs of the safety and the existence of temperature drifting places, Glass Plate and can be used as insulating glass and laminated glass of the original film.

Tempered glass is the high-quality float glass heating close to the softening point, the rapid cooling of the glass surface, so that the distribution of compressive stress on the glass surface, Glass Plate and tensile stress in the center layer. Because there is a strong equivalent of compressive stress, The resulting tensile stress is offset by the strong compressive stress of the glass, thereby increasing the safety of the glass。