Glass Cup Easy To Clean

- Sep 04, 2017-

Usually we drink water, and some with stainless steel insulation Cup, but also some people with ceramic cups, plastic cups, paper cups and so on. So why is it that the glass is the most healthy?

 Glass is usually made of high-borosilicate glass, glass cup after 600 degrees of high temperature firing, the glass does not contain organic chemicals, when people use glass to drink water or other drinks, do not have to worry about harmful chemicals Was drunk into the stomach, and the glass surface is smooth, easy to clean, so people use the glass to drink water is the most healthy and safest.

Stainless steel insulation cups are alloy products, improper use will be contained in the heavy metal substances released, hazardous to health. Therefore, in daily use, glass cup do not use stainless steel cups acidic drinks, such as juice, coffee, carbonated drinks and so on. When cleaning stainless steel cups, do not use strong oxidizing soda and bleach

Double glass is the raw material of high borosilicate glass, is a new type of environmentally friendly cup, now more and more people of all ages. So manufacturers in the production of production, should follow what kind of design standards?

1, Material: Double glass cup with high quality borosilicate crystal glass tube processing, high transparency, wear resistance, smooth surface, easy to clean, glass cup health and hygiene.

2, the process: more than 600 degrees from high temperature firing, adaptability to the temperature changes, not easy to burst.

3, structure: double glass cup body double insulated design, not only to keep the tea temperature, not hot.

4, health: food-grade standards, you can hold 100 degrees of high temperature hot water, tea, carbonic acid, acid and other beverages, anti-malic acid erosion, no smell not taste.

To achieve these design standards, double the quality of glass to be considered clearance. I produced a variety of glass products, the full range, reliable quality, wholesale sales, glass cup to the customer greatly concessions.

Glass everyone is no stranger, we usually used to drink water, tea. But you know how to choose a good quality of the glass, some bad business in order to reduce production costs, may use the material harmful to our health. So be sure to learn how to look at the quality of the glass.

Most of the glass material is made of high temperature silicon, the use of high boron heat-resistant glass, with excellent heat resistance, corrosion resistance, as a green glass material, the cup crystal clear, feel condensate, elegant shape, A good choice for healthy drinking water. Shandong glass manufacturers to remind you in the selection of the following main points:

1, the material should be pure: glass material impure, glass cup glassware will be on the pattern, a bubble or sand

2, the thickness to be consistent: that the various parts of the glass glass material distribution to be uniform. Users in the selection, the cup of light to observe, if the light everywhere, seamless, then the thickness of the same; if the difference between the brightness is too large, then the thickness is inconsistent. When selected, from the outside side, the bottom should be horizontal, glass cup but not the slope or pot bottom; with your fingers flick the walls, due to change the sweet voice.

3, the appearance to be beautiful: that the surface should be smooth, glass cup the cup is better gloss, geometric shape of the flat; lid can not be too loose or too tight.

So as long as we carefully observe, and seize the above selection of several points, you can easily choose to the quality of good glass.