Dispute Of Whisky Origin

- Apr 08, 2018-

Irish statement

Irish historians believe that the oldest Scottish brewery (located in Lslay, Islay) is located opposite Ireland, and the oldest whisky distillery, Irish Bushmills, was officially established in 1608.

They also proved that the winery had been produced for some time before it was formally established. They used the words in the British “Description of Pembrokeshire” published in 1602 to prove that: “Most of the immigrants from Ireland were once handicraftsmen. They produced a lot of 'distilled wine' and then used horses. "They are selling in Britain."

The Scottish statement

Scottish historians have moved out of the earliest written records about the use of barley to make distilled wines to defend their views.

These records were found in the 1494 Scottish literature. In the British Treasury Chronicles of the time, there was such a record: "Everything was given to a monk, John Cole to make aqua vitae." More litres of wine.

Commonly agreed

Regarding the origin of whisky, either Irish whiskey or Scotch whiskey admit it, they have a common ancestor, which is "water of life (distilled liquor)", (aqua vitae in Latin, uisge beatha in Welsh) . Later it became the whisky in Scots and the whiskey in Irish.