Development Of Glass Tea Set

- Jan 17, 2018-

Glass, the ancients called flow glass or glass, it is a kind of colored translucent minerals. Tea made with this material can give people a bright color, brilliant sense of the people. Although glass-making technology in China started earlier, it was not until Tang Dynasty that with the increase of cultural exchange between China and foreign countries and the continuous introduction of Western glass, China began to burn glass tea sets. Shaanxi Fufang Famen Temple unearthed by the Don Juan was dedicated to the face ring full of pale yellow glaze cup of tea and plain yellow glass saucer is an authentic Chinese glass tea set, although the original shape, simple decoration, the texture is obvious, low transparency, but Show that China's glass tea set has started the Tang Dynasty, at the time called precious thing. Tang Dynasty Yuan had written poetry praise glass, saying it is "the same with the ice, no matter separated by fiber dust .As the banquet can not see, worthy of jade." No wonder the Tang Dynasty devoted Famen Temple tower of Buddha relics, will also be included in the glazed tea supplies dedicated to things. Song, China's unique high-lead glass appliances have come out. Yuan, Ming Dynasty, the larger glass workshop in Shandong, Xinjiang and other places appear. Qing Emperor Kangxi, in Beijing also opened the court Liulichang, but since the Song and Qing dynasties, although the production of glass devices, and worth the price, but mostly in the production of glass art-based, only a small amount of tea products, has never been the size of glassware production.

In modern times, with the rise of the glass industry, glass tea sets rise rapidly because the glass is transparent in texture, attractive in gloss and large in plasticity. Therefore, the tea set made from it has various forms and uses in a wide range of applications, together with low prices and purchase Convenient, but by the tea people. Among the many glass tea sets, glass cups are the most common, with which tea, the color of tea, the beauty of tea, and the ups and downs of tea in the brewing process are panoramic view, therefore, used to brew all kinds of delicate Famous tea, the most valuable products, home hospitality, after all, a good tea utensils. But the glass cup crisp, easy to break, hot than the ceramic, is the fly in the ointment. Modern glass tea has a great development, glass texture transparent, eye-catching luster, shape plasticity, different shapes, wide range of uses.

In modern times, glassware has a greater development. Glass texture transparent, shiny eye-catching. Shape plasticity, different shapes, wide range of uses.

Glass tea with tea, tea bright color, delicate soft tea, tea throughout the brewing process up and down through the move, the leaves gradually stretch, etc., you can glance can be said to be a dynamic art appreciation. In particular, brewing all kinds of famous tea, tea crystal clear, the cup of light fog, clear green, buds blossoming, slim, view the pleasing, do not have fun.