Beer Mug Classification

- Jan 15, 2018-

This beer mug is a traditional German-style beer mug, cup lid attached to the cup body, with handles. Texture tin, ceramic, porcelain, glass, wood, silver and so on. The cup has a beautiful pattern or drawing on the outside.

As for why such a traditional beer mug will have a lid, a saying is that in the era of plague in Europe, for hygiene and clean, beer mug then had a lid. But the beer glass is generally made of glass, with 500 ml and 1000 ml volume. In our country, this type of beer cup is generally called "tie". There are draft words from English and jugs. But in fact, the Chinese "tie" from English jug, jug refers to the handle with a pot or can. Draft is the meaning of bulk beer and does not refer specifically to beer mugs.

In general, because the beer is refrigerated after drinking, drinkers should not touch the cup body, so as not to affect the taste of wine, so some tall beer mug. Due to the low degree of beer alcohol, so drinking large, large cup body. Beer mugs also have flat-footed cups, but flat-footed cups generally have handles.

Beer mugs in Europe, especially brewing beer in the traditional countries, due to different types of raw materials and production methods, such as the top of the beer fermentation (British ale) and bottom fermentation of beer, the different body thicknesses, you need a different glass . Beer can be common in China are:

Wheat beer mug

Wheat beer cup: flat, high waist streamlined, cup mouth width, volume 500 ml. Wheat beer thick, sweet smell, Rich foam, wide mouth cup is to make it full of wine and foam overflow to the cup mouth.

Pearson Cup

Pearson Cup dedicated to drinking light beer, small size, volume of about 250 ml.