Beer Glass How To Wipe The Beer Cup Can Make It A New Look

- Sep 04, 2017-

Under normal circumstances, people rinse the cup will put it on the side ignored. Beer glass To know that the residual water stains will also leave a ugly impression of the beer cup; therefore, wiping clean the beer cup this link is very critical. Here we will separate it out, Beer glass because this process is most likely to lead to broken beer cup, and need to pay special attention.

(1) After cleaning, you can buckle the cup on the absorbent paper, Beer glass or use a linen or cotton cloth that does not lose hair. It is best not to use the smell of paper or cloth to wipe the beer cup, so as not to affect the smell of beer aroma and taste.

(2) do not just wipe the cup handle part, Beer glass it is best to gently hold the cup and cup handle connection, so to prevent the cup break.

(3) in the process of wiping, try to follow the same direction, while rotating side of the wipe, to avoid excessive force.

(4) Finally, the beer cup inverted in the ventilation room to dry. Remember not to immediately put the glass into the wine cabinet, so easy to accumulate smelly smell.

It is worth mentioning that, although sometimes we have wiped the glass, but the cup wall is still dark and not very bright (especially the machine wash cup), Beer glass then you may wish to choose a pot with a clean boiled water to be When the steam gush, the dry beer cup just buckle in the steam, when it is full of water vapor, and then stay for a moment, and finally wiped with a clean wipe cloth can be so, so beer cup will be a new look!

After cleaning the beer cup of course, Beer glass can not always been inverted in the ventilation, a long time also easy to contaminated with dust, Beer glass this time how to learn how to save the beer cup is very important.

(1) the beer cup placed in the wine cabinet, the best cup up, because the cup long buckle in the cupboard easily damaged, while the inside of the cup is also easy to accumulate odor.

(2) If the condition is satisfied, Beer glass the beer cup is best stored in a cupboard with a cup holder, rather than directly in the cupboard or box, so as to avoid contamination of the moldy.

(3) In addition, the advantage of the cup holder is to be able to separate the beer cup, Beer glass which can reduce the risk of collision crushing, but also to facilitate the next time to take the glass.

(4) in the process of storing the beer cup, Beer glass you can regularly rotate the glass, so as to extend the life of the beer cup.