wine glass Will not change the nature of wine

- Sep 04, 2017-

In fact, there are many ways to hold a cup, wine glass there are many kinds of gestures, but on the small series of view, so many so-called chaos of the so-called method, in the final analysis only one word, do not touch the cup belly on it. Whether it is holding the cup foot or dragging the bottom of the cup, as long as you do not touch the red wine, then the wine will not heat up, naturally it will not affect its taste myself

In general, although the glass will not change the nature of wine, its shape can determine the wine flow, smell, quality and strength, and thus affect the wine fragrance, taste, wine glass balance and aftertaste, the impact of large, often Amazing. Someone has been tested, the same wine with a different glass to drink, professional sommeliers and even mistakes, that is different wines.

If you intend to use a glass to taste all the wines, wine glass you can choose the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to develop wine tasting, it will not highlight any of the characteristics of wine, direct display of the original flavor of wine, the world's wine tasting organizations Recommended and adopted. No matter what kind of wine in the ISO wine glasses are equal.

Drink red wine is the most used is the Bordeaux glass, wine glass it is designed in accordance with the characteristics of wine-producing areas, suitable for most of the French-made Bordeaux red wine, because Bordeaux red wine and astringent heavier, so the cup length and cup wall is not very vertical Of the tulip cup, wine glass its cup taper is relatively small to retain most of the wine, wine entrance will be directly exposed to the back of the tongue, emphasizing the tannin (bitter taste) at the same time made sweet, Very good balance. The

Burgundy Cup: Bo Ken wine red tannin is weak, the wine is lighter, fruity heavier, Burgundy cup is in accordance with the characteristics of boiled wine producing areas of the design,wine glass as opposed to the Bordeaux glass it is shallow Some, and the cup diameter is larger, because its belly ball shape can guide the wine from the tip of the tongue into the fruity and sour to achieve full integration; and inward narrow cup can be better condensed Burgundy red The wine is wines.

Cabernet Sauvignon: Cabernet Sauvignon grapes made of red wine tannin tight, rich taste, red beads Xia slender cup body is conducive to control the wine in the middle of the tongue to achieve tannin, fruit and acidity balance, more Gentle cup body curvature can slow the flow of liquor, wine glass so that acidity to enhance the desalination of tannic bitterness, but not to rush to the tongue of the last bit of bitter taste to strengthen the bitter feeling.

Pinot Noir: black Pinocchio has a very elegant reputation, the princess in the grapes, the wine aroma caused by exquisite, rich and full of wine, the use of cup body larger, inward mouth of the black Pinocchio glass, can enhance the wine Of the aroma, its high acidity, slender cup body can make wine juice through the tip of the sweet area, to highlight the fruit balance of the original high acidity. wine glass It is said that it is also the best cup in the cup, use it to drink cola can make the bubble to reduce the aroma to enhance the sweetness.

The pink fruit is very fragrant, wine glass often filled with jam flavor, blueberry flavor, black pepper flavor, cherry flavor, plum flavor, cranberry flavor and licorice flavor, moderate acidity, and with a certain Spicy. The use of such cup-shaped drink, can ease the taste of the spicy taste, wine glass highlighting the fruit and flavor.