Why do most people choose crystal glasses to drink water instead of ordinary glasses?

- Mar 19, 2020-

Crystal glass is a glass made of crystal material as its name implies. Crystal is a material that everyone likes very much. One of its characteristics is the crystal clear texture. Home use is also indispensable on the dining table. Crystal glass and glass are very similar to a cup, and are now widely used in society. Many times, we use cups in our lives. There are many types of cups, and many people don't know what kind of cup to choose. Credit Suisse glass manufacturers feel that choosing a crystal glass is a good choice.

Why do you say this way? Xiao Bian tells you that because it is a type of glass, the crystal glass has gradually shown that it has a unique charm and advantage over ordinary glass in terms of wine tasting and drinking! Today, the editors of Credit Suisse glass manufacturers will talk about the unique charm of crystal glasses and how to buy crystal glasses:

First, the unique charm and advantages of crystal glass: 1. The raw material of crystal glass is high-quality potassium carbonate purified from plant ashes, completely free of heavy metals, and the utensils made are safer and more reliable. 2. The hardness of crystal glass is 7, the hardness of ordinary glass is 5, so the crystal glass is more tough, that is, impact resistance. 3. It has better refraction than traditional glass. Lift a crystal cup and rotate it toward the light. You will find it is like a delicate handicraft. It is white, clear, and reflects the colorful light. Because crystal can absorb gloss, even ultraviolet rays, and ordinary glass does not have gloss, let alone refractibility and impact performance.

4. Beyond the metal sound of ordinary glass, the sound of crystal glass is more pleasing to the ear, and the beautiful aftertaste is rippling through the air, which has a good reputation of "music". 5. The surface of the double-layer crystal glass is smooth, easy to clean, and healthy. However, because stainless steel cups and purple sand cups have voids that cannot be observed by the naked eye, bacteria, impurities, tea stains, etc. are easily attached, not easy Cleaning. 6. The crystal cup is transparent and pure. When brewing tea and other beverages, you can see the shape and color of the brewing substance, which brings good sensory enjoyment. 7. Double-layer crystal glass has a certain cold and heat preservation effect, the best tea brewing effect, can ensure the good taste and repeated brewing of tea, and the vacuum structure of stainless steel cups, it is easy to make the tea paste paste and influence the tea Taste. 8. The color pattern on the crystal wine glass is changeable, the workmanship is fine, and it shines brightly with the red wine in the glass, which reflects the taste of the user.

Second, the purchase of crystal glasses:

1. The sound is tapped lightly or with your fingers. Crystal glass can make a crisp metallic sound and linger in the air with a beautiful aftertaste. In the movie, we will see shots of clinking glasses at cocktail parties and high-end banquets. The collision between the glasses makes the crisp sound. 2. The weight of crystal glass and ordinary glass with the same volume is different. Advanced crystal glass will make you feel calm and heavy. Similarly, the lower the grade of crystal glass, the lighter it will be. The weight of ordinary glass is even more self-evident. 3. Gloss Rotate a high-grade crystal glass appliance toward the light, and you will find that it is like a delicate handicraft. White, crystal clear and refracting the colorful light, and low-end crystal or ordinary glassware will have a big gap in the above aspects.