white wine glass The principle of cup selection

- Sep 04, 2017-

Sauvignon Blanc: white wine glass, white wine glass cup belly and cup relative to the red wine glass are too small, so easy to gather the aroma of wine, white wine glass Buzhi Yu let the fragrance dissipate too fast, Sauvignon Blanc is more rich aroma, slender cup The body is conducive to control the wine in the middle of the tongue, so that fruit and acidity to achieve a balance.

White wines do not need to be oxidized like red wine, because white wine does not have tannins in red wine, so the taste of white wine will become more sweet and lighter. white wine glass This flavor is best to enjoy after the cooling, 7 degrees Celsius temperature is just right. The lower temperature will reduce the aroma of the wine and the richness of the taste, so the cup of white wine will be smaller and narrower to reduce the degree of contact with the air. Due to ensure that the white wine of the iced temperature, white wine glass so the glass will need a higher thick cup Bing, to facilitate the tasting of holding.

The principle of cup selection

Principle 1: transparent material. Wine glass material should be smooth and transparent, white wine glass because the first step is to look at the wine tasting wine color, it can help us understand the wine grape varieties and wine age and other information.

Principle two: the size of the cup belly. The cups should be large enough to facilitate the cup and not spill out the wine, because the cup can help release the aroma of wine.

Principle three: goblet. One of the reasons for choosing a goblet is to avoid the fingerprints of the cups that affect the color of the wine. In addition, because the wine is extremely sensitive to the temperature, so pinch the goblets feet or the bottom to avoid the temperature affect the wine temperature, thereby affecting the taste of wine.

Principle four: the shape of the cup belly. white wine glass The standard wine glass is tapered, that is, its opening is smaller than its cup, because this shape is conducive to the wine aroma of the cohesion.

How to clean the wine glass?

Before cleaning the glass, it is best to prepare 2 sets of water, white wine glass one for the first round of cleaning the glass, the other is used to filter the glass.

Holding a glass of wine, the other hand holding a soaking soap sponge, the glass into the first set of warm water, from inside to scrub the glass.

Carefully scrub the edge of the glass, and the cup body outside the finger print.

Place the glass in the second dish of water to filter.

Use a white linen piece to dry the glass and wipe away the water mark and fingerprints that remain on the glass.