Which wine glass is better to drink dry red wine?

- Oct 18, 2020-

With different wines, if you want to pay attention, you need to use different wine glasses. The following is a summary: The wine tasting glasses are usually Bordeaux wine glasses, Burgundy wine glasses, liqueur glasses, champagne glasses, Sauvignon Blanc, brandy glasses, ISO Cup etc.

1. Bordeaux wine glass

It is suitable for Bordeaux red wine, because Bordeaux red wine is sour and astringent, it is required to have the shape of a tulip cup with a long cup and the wall is not very vertical. The mouth of the cup can better adapt to the gradient of Bordeaux. When holding the cup, it is usually held where the cup body and cup feet are connected.

2. Burgundy wine glass

Burgundy red wine has a strong fruity flavor and needs to stay in the mouth. The ball shape of the tummy just meets the effect of the wine first reaching the tip of the tongue and spreading, so that the fruity and sour flavors can be fully blended in. Condensed wine aroma; and the larger cup is suitable for sniffing nose.

3. Sweet wine glass

The short e79fa5e98193e78988e69d8331333335343438 cup and sweeter after-dinner wine are a perfect match, including naturally fermented sweet white wine and enhanced port wine and sherry. The turned-out cup mouth gathers the wine taste well at the tip of the tongue, allowing the fruity sweetness to come into full play.

4. Champagne glasses

The slender cup shape is suitable for sparkling wine. The slim body of the cup allows the bubbles to have enough room to rise. The sharp point on the bottom of the cup will make the bubbles rich and beautiful. Can also be used for ice wine. There is also a champagne glass with a short opening with a large opening, but this type of glass wastes a lot of bubbles, and the bubbles will splash on the face when drinking, so it is not suitable for drinking, but it is suitable for stacking champagne towers.

5. Sauvignon Blanc

It is used for white wine at low temperature. In order to prevent temperature rise, the wine glass is small. The body of Sauvignon Blanc is light or moderate, usually dry, while the thin body of Sauvignon Blanc can reduce the contact between the wine and the air and make the fragrance more durable.

6. Brandy Cup

Brandy is a wine made from fruits (usually grapes), fermented and distilled, similar to Chinese "shochu". The thin-edged short-legged big-bellied cup with a slightly narrow mouth can retain the aroma of the wine, restrain the aroma and direct the aroma towards the nose. Drink cognac (a brandy made from grapes produced in French cognac or the surrounding area, and must be sealed in French oak barrels for 2 years). The cup should be comfortable to hold in your hand, not too deep Or a cup that is too slender. The thickness of the glass is also very important, it must be able to pass the hand temperature, so that the fragrance smells slowly. When holding the cup, put it between your hands and rub, then warm the cup with your palms

7. ISO Cup

The international standard wine tasting glass has a foot height of 5-6 cm, a large belly and a tulip shaped like a tulip. The large capacity of the body of the cup allows the wine to breathe freely in the glass; the slightly narrowed mouth is designed to prevent the liquor from splashing when shaking, and to allow the wine to gather the mouth of the wine to taste the wine Fragrant. Designed by the French INAO (National Committee for Nomenclature of Origin) in 1974, it is widely used in international wine tasting activities. As a tasting glass, it is an all-round wine glass that does not highlight the characteristics of wine and reflects the original appearance of wine.