What wine glass does Cabernet Sauvignon use?

- Mar 31, 2020-

Cabernet Sauvignon is a red wine. Its origin is Bordeaux. To drink Cabernet Sauvignon, you should use a Bordeaux glass, which is also a type of wine glass. The length of the glass and the narrow mouth of the glass can make the aroma of the wine more concentrated on the mouth of the glass. Wine tasting aroma.

Red wine glass

Red wine glass In red wine, you usually want oxidation to occur. This is the process of oxygen exposure and chemical modification of the wine. Generally speaking, it enhances both taste and fragrance, making it more pleasant. The bowl of the wine glass is round and wide, allowing more air to come in contact with the liquid. They are usually taller than white wine glasses, which makes the wine more susceptible to swirling and further oxidizes to aroma.

Wine glasses are further divided into two common discrete shapes: one is a wide Burgundy glass suitable for bringing the wine to the tip of the tongue; the other is a tall Bordeaux glass, which is not as wide as a Burgundy glass.

Bordeaux Cup

The glass has a long body and a narrow mouth, which is suitable for gathering the smell of the wine in the mouth. Bordeaux glasses are also suitable for red wines other than Burgundy, because most wine glasses are made according to Bordeaux style.

Burgundy Cup

The cup is short, the belly is wide, and the cup mouth is large. It is suitable for reaching the nose to smell incense.