what? This champagne glass is not suitable for drinking champagne?

- May 02, 2020-

Where there is joy, there is champagne. This sentence is true.

The wedding of the newcomer, the party of the friends, the podium of the racer, and even a ship full of hope for the new launch, all have the presence of champagne. The ever-expanding bubbles of carbon dioxide always give people hope, joy, and happiness.

The chic champagne tower is a must-have for every party.

Untwisting the wire holding the bottle cap, and turning, with the loud bang, white champagne flows like a spring from the spire to the bottom of the tower. A glass of champagne at this time is no longer a simple alcoholic beverage.

In the eyes of most people, drinking other wines may make up for the choice of wine glasses. When drinking champagne, there is no such thing as a sloppy choice of glasses. So, you may have seen drinking wine with a glass, but you should not see this happen to champagne.

Chic dish-shaped champagne glasses (coupe) were particularly popular in the 1930s-1960s.

The lifting of the prohibition order in the United States has dramatically increased the consumption of wine, especially champagne. Hollywood celebrities are popular with this style of champagne glasses at parties. In these decades, this kind of champagne glass is popular in the world.

Some people say that this champagne glass is designed according to the breast shape of a woman. One said that Queen Mary designed this wine glass with her chest to please Louis XVI. Another way is Queen Josephine of Napoleon. Of course, the most well-known is the woman who combines beauty and wisdom. Mistress, Mrs. Pompadour, designed this wine glass with her chest shape. People prefer to hear such stories, although in fact the British designed this wine glass.

However, after the 1960s, this cup shape was gradually replaced by a flute cup. People who pay more attention to wine quality and taste find that although the dish-shaped champagne glass has a unique shape, it has many shortcomings.

1. The design of the cup is too large to allow the air to contact with the champagne too much, and the bubbles that bring people a sense of pleasure will dissipate at once;

2. The wine glass is too shallow to pour more champagne, the aroma cannot be gathered, and the bubbles cannot be observed;

3. The posture of holding the cup is also easy to affect the temperature of the wine, and the wine is also easier to spill.

Therefore, using this glass to drink champagne, the harm to the quality of champagne is huge, it can be called "champagne killer". Rather than a flute-shaped glass, I prefer to call him a "champagne tower glass", a glass specially designed for the shape of a champagne tower.

The flute-shaped champagne glass that replaced the saucer-shaped glass was actually designed as early as the 19th century, but it was only called mainstream in recent decades. The slender glass body can introduce more champagne to observe a series of continuously generated bubbles, and the smaller glass mouth can prevent the champagne from contacting the air too much, and finally become a tasteless white wine.

Some wine experts who are extremely pursuing the aroma and taste experience will even use large-sized tulip wine glasses when drinking some higher-quality champagne. The larger glass body can give champagne enough air to release the aroma, and the design of the mouth can be Effectively gather the aroma to get the best taste.

If you care more about the quality of champagne, it is recommended that you use flute-shaped and tulip-shaped champagne glasses, but if you only need tools to mobilize the atmosphere at the party, the champagne tower glass is your only choice. Although it is a champagne killer, at the party, who cares what it is to drink?