What is the reason why many people love the crystal glass that contains lead?

- May 07, 2020-

Glass is considered by many to be the safest and healthy food holding material.

In fact, it does. Glassware is resistant to high temperature and low temperature, and it also holds acidic materials with few harmful substances. Poor-quality plastics, harmful ceramic glazes, and substandard metals are all examples of unsafety that we have heard of in life. The safety properties of glass have always been very high.

However, there is now another rumor that the inferior glass contains lead and there is a danger of the lead leaching out. In fact, ordinary glasses do not contain lead, but high-end crystal glasses will contain lead oxide.

The high-end crystal glass looks good, but it is more unsafe? Speaking from the material of the glass.


Glass material

Common glass materials are soda lime glass and high borosilicate glass, the latter is better than the former and is the mainstream on the market. And lead glass, so-called crystal glass, is the high-end material in the glass.

Let's talk about soda-lime glass first. It can be said to be the most common kind of glass. If the temperature difference is too large, it may burst. Now it is used less in glass. We see it in life, which is a liquid bottle or infusion bottle.

High borosilicate glass is the mainstream today. Dozens of glasses in supermarkets are basically made of it. It is lightweight and sturdy. The cock cups commonly used by everyone, or ice cream cups, whiskey cups and the like, are basically this kind of material.

Finally, it is lead glass, which is crystal glass. Crystal glass has many advantages, such as high light transmittance, lighter incision, excellent echo, thin and uniform, and it is better than the previous two materials in various aspects. It is the first choice for drinking utensils. In terms of temperament, it has already won.

So, is crystal glass crystal? Is it glass? What kind of relationship is it with Crystal?


The life of crystal glass

Glass and crystal are different. Crystal glass is actually glass and has no crystal structure. For hundreds of years, it has actually been lead crystal / lead crystal.

The refining technology of lead glass was discovered by the Englishman George Rifenskoff in the 17th century. The biggest difference with ordinary glass is that it contains 18% to 40% lead oxide. Because of the composition of lead, it makes the glass easier to soften, easy to cut and sculpt, and has strong light transmission. Therefore, lead glass is used to make handicrafts, optical instruments, and advanced utensils.

As for why it is called crystal glass? This is of course because of people's good wishes. It is derived from Venetian cristallo and is used to describe the crystal imitated by Murano glass artisans.

The famous Swarovski crystals are actually all glass materials. With exquisite design and superb manufacturing technology, it is necessary to make crystal better than crystal.

The ancients and modern people are connected at this moment.

So is lead glass harmful?

Lead precipitation in lead glassware is very small. Normal adults use it as a drinking glass or wine glass, which will not have any effect on the body. However, there may be a risk of lead poisoning if spirits such as whiskey or acidic liquids are stored for a long time. There are also a few people who are sensitive to this.

Therefore, crystal glass has evolved.


evolution! Lead-free crystal glass

Many manufacturers now use barium oxide, zinc oxide, and potassium oxide instead of lead oxide to make lead-free crystal glass to achieve the effect of lead crystal. These lead-free crystal glasses are lead-free and heavy metal-free, and there is no longer any safety risk.

According to the European Union's 69/493 / EEC regulations, lead oxide content must exceed 24% to be called lead crystal, and the product label will indicate "Lead-Glass" or "Lead-Crystal". The lead-free crystal glass is marked as "Lead-free" or "Non-lead". Friends who are sensitive to lead crystal can choose the crystal glass with these marks.

Liduo's lead-free crystal glass above makes the Coke glass so tall. It ’s so good to use a 200-dollar cup for a 2-dollar drink.

In the rivers and lakes of glass materials, crystal glass is undoubtedly the most preferred. Its luster has a magic that makes people fall in love at a glance, like fragments of dreams.

Anyone who likes glassware will have one or more crystal glasses sooner or later. In the last glass of favorite glass vote, what kind of glass is good enough, let's talk about it, the crystal glass is the top one, and people are planting grass. The charm of crystal glass is already visible.

After all, its birth stems from people's pursuit of materials and beauty. This kind of grass is absolutely willing.