What is the difference between a lead-free cup and a normal glass?

- Apr 04, 2020-

The first step: look at the color-lead-free crystal glass has better refraction, and the color is brighter; while the general crystal glass has poor touch, dim color, poor refractive index, and there are even bubbles in some places.

Step 2: 掂 Light and heavy-lead-free crystal glass is slightly lighter than leaded crystal glass.

Step 3: Listen to the sound—The sound from the leaded crystal glass is dull, while the lead-free glass has a crisp metal sound, which is clear and long.

The fourth step: look at the content-the crystal glass is 100% lead-free, barium-free, healthy and environmentally friendly, mostly high-end crafts, and marked on the outer packaging; and most people use lead crystal glasses Its lead oxide content can reach up to 24%, and long-term use is not good for health.

Fifth step: Look at toughness-lead-free crystal glass is more tough than leaded crystal glass and has strong impact resistance.