What is the difference between a Bordeaux glass and a Burgundy glass?

- Mar 30, 2020-

Bordeaux and Burgundy glasses are both red wine glasses. Bordeaux glasses are longer and narrower, suitable for Bordeaux style wines. Burgundy glasses are shorter, with larger mouths and wider belly Suitable for Burgundy style wines.

The red wine glass is also called a goblet. It has a slender handle. In addition to its beautiful design, it is also designed to better observe and taste the best temperature of red wine.

Different shapes of wine glasses are also important factors affecting wine flavor and taste. The shape of the glass depends on the type of wine used. The best shaped wine directs the wine from the glass to the best area in the mouth. In general, the opening of a wine glass should not be wider than the widest part of the body. The edges of the glass should be thin.

 Bordeaux Cup

The glass has a long body and a narrow mouth, which is suitable for gathering the smell of the wine in the mouth. Bordeaux glasses are also suitable for red wines other than Burgundy, because most wine glasses are made according to Bordeaux style.

 Burgundy Cup

The cup is short, the belly is wide, and the cup mouth is large. It is suitable for reaching the nose to smell incense. This wine glass is wider than the Bordeaux glass, and aims to collect the aroma and taste of soft red wines such as pinot noir. The shape of the cup will flow the wine to the tip of the drinker's tongue, so that the sweetness of the wine can be constantly felt.