What is the advantage of glass compared with plastic

- Mar 19, 2018-

As a packaging material, glass has a series of very valuable properties: transparent, easy to shape, with special beautification effect;

The protective properties of glass are good, hard and pressure, only good barrier, corrosion resistance, heat resistance and optical properties.

It can be used to make various shapes and sizes of packing containers.

The glass is rich in raw materials, low in price, and has the properties of recycling and recycling.

As a packaging material, glass has many advantages.

Chemical inertia.

For most of the items that may be wrapped in glass, glass does not interact with it, with no effect and high safety.

High barrier.

The water vapor and gas are completely cut off, thus having a good conservation.

It is highly transparent and can be made of colored glass.

It's rigid.

Keep the shape unchanged during the whole sales period, reduce the rigidity of the outer packing container and reduce the cost.

It has strong internal pressure.

It is particularly important for the packaging of carbonated beverages and aerosols.

Good heat resistance.

In packaging need high temperature resistant main situations: when the hot filling, cooking in the container or disinfection sterilization, steam hot air to disinfect, containers and glass ability is greater than the temperature of 500 ℃, can adapt to any packing purposes.