What is lead-free crystal cup

- May 10, 2020-

Traditional lead crystal

The composition contains lead oxide, which has high permeability and is easy to wear. Because the lead-containing metal component is easy to break, and the lead component is easily sparse by acidic beverages, long-term use is not conducive to human health, and lead to lead accumulation and poisoning.

       (The lead oxide content of lead crystal products is often as high as 20% -40%. Using it to hold water generally does not cause lead poisoning, but if used to hold wine or acidic beverages, the lead in crystal products will be precipitated and dissolved In wine or acidic beverages. Experiments have shown that the longer the wine is held, the higher the lead content in the wine. Another foreign experiment proves that putting 1 liter of brandy in a crystal vessel, 5 years later, The lead content in wine can be as high as 20,000 micrograms / liter, far exceeding the environmental protection department's regulations that the lead content in beverages should be less than 50 micrograms / liter.

The World Health Organization stipulates that if a person's blood lead level is greater than 100 micrograms / liter, it is lead poisoning. The accumulation of lead in the blood to a certain extent will cause people's memory and intelligence to decline, and mental disorders, nightmares, insomnia and other problems will occur. Lead poisoning is more harmful to children and can easily cause children's intellectual development disorders. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid long-term storage of alcohol, fruit juice or acidic beverages with crystal products, so as to avoid lead accumulation causing poisoning and harming health. )

A new generation of lead-free crystal

        By adding new elements to the glass instead of the lead used in the original production process. The new generation of lead-free crystal products significantly improves the surface hardness, it is difficult to produce scratches, and has flexibility, so it is not easy to break, greatly enhancing the service life. And it does not contain lead, more healthy and environmentally friendly. (In the European hotel industry, Leaded products cannot be used in the catering industry.)