What cup does sweet white use? What wine glass is used for sweet white wine

- May 24, 2020-

Sweet white wine is a sweet white wine. Sweet wine can use a sweet wine glass. The sweet wine glass is a small glass, which is shorter than the red and white wine glass. The glass is like a small red wine glass.

A sweet wine glass is a small wine glass. Its shape is very modest. It is shorter than the legs of red and white wine. The glass body is closer to the red wine glass, but it is smaller. The standard size of this wine is 120 ml. In order to build a small enough body, the wine will be sent to the back of the mouth, and the sweet taste of dessert wine will not affect the taste of the mouth.

There are many choices for dessert wines with desserts: noble-rot liqueurs from France subjected to mold erosion, ice wines from the cold north and ice, sherry concentrated in Spanish oak barrels, port wine aged in Portugal, etc. Wait, you can draw a sweet end to a perfect dinner.