What are the requirements for brandy to select wine glasses?

- May 25, 2020-

If you want to drink good wine, on the one hand, the choice of wine is very important, and on the other hand, the choice of wine utensils also occupies a large factor, so the choice of wine utensils must be selected according to the properties of your wine , Its design has its design principles, it must be a good place for our wine tasting, and what are the requirements for brandy glasses in choosing wine glasses?

[1] Tulip-shaped stemware

Taste or drink the brandy wine glass, the best is the tulip flower-shaped stemware. This cup shape can make the aromatic components of brandy rise slowly. When tasting brandy, don't drink too much wine, at most no more than 1/4 of the glass capacity, and leave enough space for the glass to make the brandy aromatic and lingering here. In this way, the tasters can carefully analyze, appreciate and appreciate the various aroma components in the brandy, which are different in length, strength and weakness, and scattered.

[2] How many pairs of white wine glasses

Liquor glasses vary in size and come in a variety of shapes. The large glass can hold two or two or three wines, this size is suitable for those who love alcohol, and there are some white wine glasses, which seems a lot more elegant.

【3】 Liquor glass capacity

There are some sizes of white wine glasses. Korean white wine glasses have a capacity of about 32 milliliters, thick glass wine glasses have a capacity of less than 50 milliliters, and glass white wine glasses have a capacity of between 100 milliliters and 200 milliliters. .

[4] How much to buy white wine glass

The white wine glass is generally a good crystal white wine glass. It is recommended that the raw materials be fired with high-purity silica without residues. Generally speaking, whether it is a family use or a hotel-applicable glass, it will choose about two or two size white wine cup.