Types of red wine glasses

- Feb 10, 2020-

There are three main types: Bordeaux wine glasses, Burgundy wine glasses and all-purpose wine glasses. Bordeaux glasses are taller and narrower than Burgundy glasses to retain the aroma of Bordeaux red wine in the glasses. The capacity ranges from 12 to 18 ounces. These two cups named by grape producing areas are indeed tailored for different grape varieties in different producing areas-Bordeaux cups are more suitable for tasting wines from Bordeaux producing areas, and both Cabernet Sauvignon, which is rich and thick, and Merlot, which has soft tannins and low acidity, can perform well. The Burgundy Cup is even better when tasting the more acidic black Pinot Noir grape from Burgundy region. Because the sensitivity of different parts of the tongue to taste is different-the tip of the tongue is most sensitive to sweet taste, the back of the tongue is most sensitive to bitter taste, while the inside and outside of the tongue are respectively sensitive to acid and salty. The design of the wine cup is based on such a human body structure, and the difference in the order in which the wine liquid wraps the tongue can balance the sweet taste of fruit and the acid of tannin to make the taste smoother. Whether Bordeaux or Burgundy, there are several detailed classifications.