There are even champagne glasses that can't drink champagne

- May 01, 2020-

The exquisitely shaped dish-shaped champagne glasses (coupe) were especially popular in the 1930s-1960s. The lifting of the prohibition order in the United States surged the consumption of champagne, especially champagne. The Hollywood stars Yupai used this style of champagne glasses for fashion. In these decades, this style of champagne glass has become popular all over the world.

However, after the 1960s, this type of cup gradually became flute. People who pay more attention to wine quality and taste found that although the dish-shaped champagne glass is exquisite, it has many shortcomings.

First of all, the design of the cup is too small to allow the air to contact the champagne too much, and the bubbles that bring people a pleasant feeling will dissipate at once. Secondly, the wine glass is too deep to pour more and more champagne, the aroma cannot gather, nor can the bubbles be observed. In the end, the posture of holding the glass is also difficult to affect the temperature of the wine, in addition to the wine is becoming more and more difficult to spill.

Therefore, the use of this type of glass to drink wine is very harmful to the quality of champagne, and it can be called the "champagne killer". Compared with the flute-shaped glass, I am more and more willing to call him "Champagne Tower glass", a glass dedicated to the shape of a champagne tower.

The flute-shaped champagne glass that replaced the saucer-shaped glass was actually designed in the 19th century, but it has been called the mainstream in recent decades. The slender glass body can introduce more and more champagne, so as to observe a series of bubbles generated. The small glass mouth can prevent the champagne from so much contact with the air, and eventually become a colorless and tasteless white wine.

Some wine experts who are extremely optimistic about the aroma and taste experience will use large-sized tulip wine glasses when drinking some of the lower and lower quality champagne. The smaller and smaller glasses can give the champagne enough air to release the aroma , The design of the mouth can accurately gather the aroma, so as to obtain the best taste.

If you are more and more concerned about the quality of champagne, it is recommended that you use flute-shaped and tulip-shaped champagne glasses, but if you only need tools to mobilize the atmosphere at the party, the champagne tower glass is your best choice, although It's a champagne killer, but above the party, who cares what to drink?