The world's 8 top wine glass brands are all so good!

- May 20, 2020-

1. Liduo: the most professional wine glass

Riedel in Austria is the most professional and prestigious manufacturer of wine glasses and decanters in the world. Because the shape, capacity, diameter of the mouth of the glass, the processing of the cup edge blowing and the thickness of the wall determine the first contact point at the entrance of the wine, it will affect people's perception of the temperature, texture and flavor of the wine, so Li Duo is quite obsessed with the details of each wine glass. Its elegant and exquisite shape, thin outer wall, clear and transparent appearance, and delicate and slender stems and cup holders have made countless wine lovers like.

Liduo product series: there are artificially blown royal crystal cups (Sommeliers Black Tie and Sommeliers) and Heie light crystal cups (Riedel Ruperleggero). The cups are slender and diverse, which maximizes the functions of the glass, and of course is expensive You can buy one thousand yuan in China. The crystal cups blown by the machine include a variety of cup-shaped court cups (Vinum), elegant collection cups (Wine), stylish and cute handleless cups (O), and simple and practical cups (Ouvertunre). And the cup shape is very complicated and changeable. The Yuyong series is Liduo's classic product. A set of 25 pieces. The fineness of its handicraft skills can be called a work of art. It can magically bring out the flavor and characteristics of wine.

2. Poetry Koke: Rolls-Royce in the wine glass

Founded in 1521, Spiegelau in Passau (Germany) is also an internationally renowned wine glass brand. Poetry Cup Lele was originally Liduo's OEM factory, the cup shape was similar to Liduo, but because of its close price, it is very popular with entry-level wine lovers. In 2004, Shibei Kele was acquired by Liduo. Combining Germany's nearly 500 years of crystal blowing technology and the advantages of Liduo, Shibei Kele has become a world-class wine glass brand, known as "Rolls-Royce in the wine glass".

Shibei Kele product series: divided into two categories: manual blowing and machine blowing. The hand-blown crystal cups are more in the Grand Palais series, and the machine-blown crystal cups are more complete in the Vino Grande series. Not only are the wines divided according to the production area, but also different wines. Special cup type for age and bottle capacity. The classic product of Poetry Cup is Athena (Adina Prestige) series. This minimalist series has a long cup handle and looks extra elegant.

3. SCHOTT: Cost-effective durable cup

Founded in 1872, Zwiesel Kristallglas AG ("Short") is a well-known professional glass and crystal group in Germany. Its brands include machine-blown SCHOTT ST. Vischa (Schott Zwiesel) and St. Vissa 1872 (Zwiesel 1872), which is mainly blown by hand. The biggest feature of SCHOTT wine glass is the thin and light wall, transparent and smooth surface, and durable texture. Because the material contains a unique titanium oxide composition, the texture of the wine glass is very tough, and even the delicate hand-blown crystal glass can withstand the "ravages" of the dishwasher. In addition, the price of SCHOTT wine glasses is not high. Many wine glasses in China are sold for dozens of dollars.

SCHOTT product series: The two most well-known and cup-shaped product series are the Diva series by SCHOTT Santa Vischa and the Enoteca under the Santa Visa 1872, which are used according to the production area. The shape of the cup, the slender tall feet from top to bottom, the edge of the cup is touching, that is, it can cater to the goddess full of gas, and it can also meet the wine control of the petty bourgeoisie.

4. Baccarat: luxury goods in wine glasses

When King Louis XV of France decided to open a glass workshop in Lorraine, Bacarrat and the "Royal Royal Family" formed an indissoluble bond. Historically, the royal families of France, England, Russia and India were all Is a lover of this brand. Baccarat's products are all-inclusive, including jewelry, vases, lamps, ornaments, wine utensils, etc. (Dior "True Me" perfume bottles are made by his family), and its various crystal treasures have spread all over the world, becoming prominent and noble synonym. Baccarat wine glasses with French royal origin are naturally expensive, and the price of a single wine glass in China is generally more than 2,000 yuan.

Baccarat product series: there are professional (Oenologie), Harcourt (Harcourt) and other series of wine glass products. The professional wine series is designed and created by a famous French wine tasting house, which is crystal clear and exudes a bit of aristocratic atmosphere; the Harcourt series of crystal glasses is a landmark commemoration. The classic glass Romane Conti tasting glass (DEGUSTATION Glass Romanee Conti), designed for the Romane de La Romanee-Conti wine, has a very rounded shape and is said to be able to The flavor of the game is maximized.

5. Bow and Arrow International: innovative new wine glasses

France's ARC international has created the C & S (Chef & Sommelier) brand, which is 100% tailor-made for catering and wine professionals. Thanks to the technical innovation and support of the Bow and Arrow Group-series, the C & S brand wine glass was first recognized by industry professionals. In 2000, Bow and Arrow acquired Mikasa, an American high-end dining table art brand, so the wine glass brand developed by Mikasa also belongs to Bow and Arrow International. The prices of these wine glasses are medium, generally only about 100 yuan in China.

Product Series: C & S's classic Cup Up (Open Up) series, which are wine glasses designed according to the characteristics of different wines, use the new Kwarx material, have an incredibly strong texture and extraordinary transparent gloss, and the bottom of the cup The area allows the air to make good contact with the liquor and fully develop the aroma.

6. Olsendaner: a long-established Danish royal brand

Danish brand Holmegaard (Holmegaard) is a glass factory with more than 180 years of history. In 1825, a countess with 7 children founded the brand in a marshland called Osendal, from a small glass workshop, to today's global enterprise, and the crown logo recognized by the Danish royal family. Chapter, this is the recognition of the quality of its products. The wine glass of Osendaner is characterized by a thin and smooth wall and a slender cup handle. With the pursuit of "elegant classics", it strives to shape the perfect cup shape. The prices of these wine glasses are not cheap. Depending on the type of cup, the price of a single glass in China ranges from several hundred to several thousand yuan.

Homgarde product series: including Royal (Royal) series, Cabernet Sauvignon (Cabernet) series, fountain (Fontaine) series, perfect series, etc. The wine glasses of the Royal series are the most expensive, including red wine glasses, white wine glasses, champagne glasses (Champagne), Port glasses (Beer glasses), beer glasses, cocktail glasses and spirits glasses.

7. Zartu: exquisite crafts

Zalto (Zalto) is Austria's top craft crystal product brand, which is particularly famous in the world for luxurious wine glasses. In history, Austrian handicrafts have reached a level that is difficult to reach in later generations. Many handicraft workshops for making silverware, ornaments, porcelain, and wine utensils were once designated suppliers of the European royal family. Zaltu, who insists on perfect quality, still uses the 14th-century blowing technology to create a thin wine glass that is as light as a cicada wings. Moreover, Zaltu wine glasses do not contain lead oxide, so the crystal is transparent and never foggy (international standard crystal glass contains at least 24% lead oxide, below this ratio will lead to a decrease in transparency and durability; but Zaltu It is very rare, even if it does not contain lead oxide, it can guarantee the permeability and toughness, and it can be washed in the dishwasher). As a beautiful handicraft, the price of Zartu wine glasses ranges from five or six hundred to thousands.

Zartu product series: The most classic is the Denk`Art series. Each wine glass has a different touch. The inclination of the rim of the wine glass is divided into 24, 48 and 72 degrees. The cups also come in different sizes. The widest are the Bordeaux and Bourgogne, as well as the medium universal cup, which is suitable for various wines.

8. Lucas: Asia's only world top wine glass

Lucaris is an Asian crystal manufacturer and the only world-class crystal cup in Asia. The brand is a combination of East and West. It combines the top crystal glass technology of Tokyo, Thailand and Germany in Japan to achieve a world-class crystal cup. This is the first time Asia has produced a world-class crystal cup with excellent transparency. And gloss, as well as extraordinary toughness and durability. The price of wine glasses of this brand is also very close to the people, the price of a single domestic price is generally tens of yuan.

Lucas product series: Lucas crystal cups have multiple series, including Tokyo Temptation and Shanghai Soul.