The performance of Plastic tank

- May 05, 2018-

Plastic pots have not been around for a long time, but they have developed very rapidly. They have replaced metal cans and glass bottles on many occasions, mainly because of its many advantages:

1 light weight. The density of the materials used to make plastic cans is small. Compared with the same volume of containers, plastic cans are smaller than metal cans and glass bottles.

2 The cost is lower. Plastic cans have lower material costs and are easier to manufacture, so the overall price is cheaper.

3 can reliably protect the product. The can body is made of multiple materials and has good chemical stability and barrier properties. The bottom, lid and can body are combined with a reliable sealing structure, so the contents can be reliably protected.

4 better mechanical strength. Although the mechanical performance of plastic tanks is slightly lower than that of metal tanks and glass bottles, it is sufficient for packaging general products, and the problem of strength destruction rarely occurs.

5 shelf effect is good. The surface of the plastic cans is easy to print and easy to decorate. It is good for attracting customers and promoting sales.

Plastic cans are also somewhat inadequate: the quality of the seal between the bottom lid and the can body is not yet stable; in vacuum packaging and pressure packaging, the can body strength is sometimes not high enough.

As a new type of packaging container, plastic cans are widely used in the packaging field. They can be used for packaging juices, milk powder, gas drinks, coffee, cosmetics, oils, and so on.