The knowledge of sealed jar

- May 07, 2018-

The sealed jar has a heat-resistant glass crisper that is completely free of bubbles and cold, has high transparency, and is capable of resisting sudden changes in temperature better than the glass of the Lockglass cup, but at a much cheaper price.

Nowadays, with the price of tempered glass, you can buy high-grade borosilicate glass crisper, the cover is made of high-grade PP, imported silicone material, using the principle of vacuum negative pressure, more sealing effect. When heating in a microwave oven, simply open the small button above. The bowl mouth is smooth and smooth, making cleaning easier and more convenient.

The outline of the sealed tank: The sealed tank includes a tank body and a tank lid, a circumferential groove is provided on the joint surface of the tank lid and the tank body, and a seal ring is arranged on the circumferential groove; the upper mouth of the seal ring is provided with an outward mouth On the opposite side, an air hole is provided on the opposite side of the upper mouth; the lower mouth of the sealing ring is provided with a hook, which matches the lower mouth of the can lid. After the above structure is adopted, there are two seals between the can and the can lid. The first lane is sealed by the convex surface of the sealing ring, and the second lane is sealed by the upper side and the back side, and the lower hook can ensure that the sealing ring can be firmly installed without deformation. And to prevent the hand from being scratched; it has the advantages of simple and reasonable structure, convenient processing, high production efficiency, good sealing effect, firmness and durability.