The glass bottle manufacturer talks about solving the cooperation technology of interlayer film and LOW-E glass

- Jan 17, 2021-

Laminated glass and LOW-E glass are both energy-saving functional glass, but the combination of the two into LOW-E laminated glass will reduce its energy-saving characteristics. Some data indicate that [6 mmlow-E+12A+6mm white glass] has a hollow K) configuration structure, while the glass U value of the same glass composition [6 mmlow-E/1.52PVB/6mm white glass] is 1.93W/( The U value of m2 laminated glass is 5.1W/(m2·K). The LOWE function of its LOW-E glass is offset by the high emissivity of PVB film, which is only equivalent to a laminated glass composed of two ordinary float glass. So, currently Some companies produce and sell the so-called "LOW-E laminated safety glass". Are they suspected of being "counterfeit". That is to say, in order to truly achieve both the energy-saving effect of LOWE function and the safety effect of "LOW-E" Laminated safety glass", it is necessary to use low-emissivity intermediate film material, instead of ordinary PVB film.