The difference between crystal and glass

- Mar 28, 2020-

 In fact, the crystal cup is also a type of glass, except that the crystal is a silicon dioxide crystal, and the glass is a mixture containing silicon dioxide. Therefore, the crystal has a relatively high transparency and refractive index, and the appearance is smooth and clear.

         For crystal cups and glass cups, we can feel it because the thermal conductivity of crystal is stronger than glass, so when touching the crystal by hand, it should be cooler than touching the glass. Looking at the refractive property, put a crystal cup

         Lift it and rotate it towards the light, you will find it is like a delicate craftwork, white, clear, and refracting the charming multicolored light, because the crystal can absorb gloss, even ultraviolet rays, and ordinary glassware has no gloss.

         It is not refractive. Listen to the sound. Tap lightly or use your fingers to hit the vessel, the crystal cup can make a crisp metal sound, while ordinary glass vessels only have a stuffy "click, click" sound.

         It can be seen that the crystal cup is indeed much better than the glass, and drinking with the crystal cup feels different. The price of the crystal cup is much more expensive than the glass, and sometimes it is indeed a price and a price.