The difference between a red wine cup and a champagne cup

- Feb 21, 2020-

Bordeaux wine glasses Because Bordeaux red wine is of excellent quality, with large sales volume and fame, most of the red wine glasses sold on the market are made in the style of Bordeaux red wine glasses. The Bordeaux red wine cup is shaped like a tulip goblet, the cup body is long and the cup wall is not vertical, the radian of the cup wall can properly control the diffusion of wine in the mouth, and the wider cup mouth can fully contact the wine body and the air, so that drinkers can better feel the gradual fragrance of Bordeaux wine. Burgundy glass The Burgundy red wine glass is in the shape of a large-bellied spherical goblet, because Burgundy wine has a heavier fruity taste and a larger range of flow in the mouth. The spherical cup body can make red wine flow to the middle of the tongue first and then spread to all directions, so that the fruity taste and sour taste merge with each other. The inward narrowing of the cup mouth can better condense profound bouquet. Champagne glass Champagne cups are mainly tulip-shaped or flute-shaped. The cup body is longer than that of red glass. The cup is thinner and slightly narrower at the cup mouth. The length of the cup is to keep the bubbles of champagne and prevent it from running away quickly, which is convenient for observation and playing. The narrow mouth of the cup is designed to gather the aroma for easy smelling and tasting. For champagne, pour about 2/3 of the glass. White wine glasses White wine glass is similar to Bohr red glass, but it is one size smaller, with a longer cup body and a thinner cup belly. Small caliber white wine glasses can gather fine aroma of wine, help them breathe well and give off charming aroma.